Scientifically revolutionized creatine

Gives 8.5x more creatine

Reduces side effects

4x more ways to the cell

Food for your thought

Provides more strength

Innovative packaging

Why CreGAAtine is better than Creatine?

CreGAAtine is a unique creatine proprietary blend that contains creatine precursor GAA – Guanidinoacetic acid. It brings magic to your body and brain. Developed and delivered by Applied bioenergetic lab and Carnomed


Scientifically proven food supplement

CreGAAtine is an evidence-based nutraceutical. You can take a deep dive with our wrapped up science pdf or go even further and read some of the 200+ GAA research studies.
A Bit Scientific PDF


Award winning creatine upgrade

CreGAAtine is safe, patented, and doping-free verified. Award winning research result by European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN).
Nutrition Award


Dramatically improves creatine levels

CreGAAtine dramatically improves creatine levels in the muscles and the brain. Most of us are hugely deficit in creatine. See the research on how much creatine you need.
Conference Video

CreGAAtine skyrockets creatine levels

Studies have shown that creatine is safe and good for you. We know CreGAAtine is even better. Check out the short video explainer, how you can benefit.

What are the key benefits?

Strong and explosive

Regular creatine increases creatine levels in muscles to around 2%. CreGAAtine leads to 16.9% which is 8.5 x more than creatine monohydrate alone.

With you, always

Bulk creatine products lose their potency over time. CreGAAtine premium ingredients protected in a three- layer pharmaceutical-grade package.

No water retention

CreGAAtine provides true results only and does not hold you back with additional water retention in muscles. Especially important for weight-sensitive sports.

High achievers nootropic

CreGAAtine provides 3.9x more creatine in gray matter and 1.9X in white matter. Potentially boosting your memory, perception, learning, attention, and decision making.

CreGAAtinize your cells

CreGAAtine supercharges your cells with extra creatine using additional pathways for delivery. Your cells will be pleasantly surprised and perform better with improved bioenergetics.

Perfect for him and her

CreGAAtine is perfect for everyone who'd like to naturally increase their energy levels, improve physical and mental performance, regardless of age or gender

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CreGAAtine comes as a box with 60 single dose sachets inside.


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CreGAAtine - Supplement of the Year

In just 6 months of the product launching, CreGAAtine won the Award - ''Supplement of the Year'' voted by users, at the largest fitness fair in Central and Eastern Europe - FIWE, in Poland.


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