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How to use:

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The recommended dose of CreGAAtin is two sachets per day, there must be an 8-hour gap between the first and second dose, in order to maintain the level of creatine in the body throughout the day.

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The contents of the CreGAAtin sachet should be dissolved in 2 dl of lukewarm water, then mixed well for 20 seconds, in order to dissolve the GAA and provide the best effects.

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After 28 days of continuous use of CreGAAtin, you will reach the highest level of creatine in the body, which should be maintained by continuous use of CreGAAtin.

What are the most important benefits?

Strong and explosive

Regular creatine increases muscle creatine levels by about 2%. CreGAAtine leads to an increase of 16.9%, which is 8.5 times more than creatine monohydrate alone.

Always with you

Packages of large volumes lead to the fact that creatine, due to the absorption of moisture, turns into an inactive form - creatinine. CreGAAtine's premium ingredients are protected in pharmaceutical grade triple-layer pouches.

No water retention

CreGAAtine leads to real results and does not hold you back with excessive water retention in the muscles. This is especially important in sports disciplines where body mass is an important category.

Nootropic for the ambitious

CreGAAtine leads to 3.9 times more creatine in the gray matter of the brain and 1.9 times more in the white matter. This boost should improve your memory, perception, learning and concentration.

CreGAAtinize your cells

CreGAAtine fills your cells with extra creatine by using additional pathways of entry into the cell. Your cells will be pleasantly surprised and work better due to improved bioenergetics.

Perfect for both him and her

CreGAAtine is perfect for those who want to naturally increase their energy and improve physical and mental performance, regardless of gender and age.

Vuk Vukasinovic
Ambassador of Cregaatin
A real revolution when it comes to supplements. After many years of using monohydrate, I could not imagine that there would be an improvement, especially not this drastic. In addition, bags that are easy to carry and block moisture are a big step forward 👌🏽
Vuk Vukasinovic
Ambassador of Cregaatin
A real revolution when it comes to supplements. After many years of using monohydrate, I could not imagine that there would be an improvement, especially not this drastic. In addition, bags that are easy to carry and block moisture are a big step forward 👌🏽
Luka i Lazar Đukić
CrossFit athlete
For more energy, stronger training and better results, we recommend Cregaatine. In addition to all the benefits, we would highlight that there is no water retention, which is very important to us. 💪🏼
Miša Bačulov
Muay Thai & Kick box trener
Literally the only creatine I can use without it bothering my stomach. All recommendations! 👌🏽
Marko Bojković
MMA fighter
Definitely a supplement that gives me explosiveness and better recovery during and between workouts. 👊
Lara Santini
Two-time world and two-time European champion in Bodybuilding (Wellness category)
It was a great pleasure to attend the lecture of Prof. Sergey, and now I can say with certainty that this is a real revolution in the matter of creatine. Already after a couple of weeks, I felt a visible difference in training, and I have much more energy for the rest of the day! And more than pleasantly surprised 🙌🏼🔥
Nikola Stojiljković
Street Workout
I've been drinking Cregaatin for a year now, I'm very satisfied, I don't have the bloating I had with regular monohydrate, I remember better and I'm more productive, my sister recently started drinking it too, one of the few supplements that really gave a real effect. 👌🏽
@ stojiljko
Vladimir Bukvić
Police - special forces
Very good supplement, I'm already using the second box, all recommendations!
Milan Veselinović
Fitness trainer
A game changer when it comes to creatine. Definitely one of the key supplements on the market.
Slobodan Maksimović
MMA fighter
Very quickly I felt the difference in strength training, especially in exercises that were weaker for me until now!!!! The real deal 💪👊
Ivana Đurić
Athletics, javelin
Cregaatin is the first supplement that has shown remarkable results for me in a very short time. More energy, a lot of stronger training, and of course the results showed themselves in the form of better placements in all competitions so far.😄

Most common questions:

The price is 26 EUR, one box contains 60 sachets for one month of use.

The recommended dosage is 2 sachets per day, one sachet twice a day with meals. If the recommended dosage is followed, there is no need to take a break in supplementation.

Adverse effects have not been reported so far.

CreGAAtine is registered in the Ministry of Health of the RS for people over 18 years of age.

Orders received by 1 pm are sent the same day by Bex courier service

Stir the contents of the sachet in a glass of lukewarm water and drink immediately.

CreGAAtine leads to an increase in energy and strength and does not lead to unwanted water retention.

Yes, CreGAAtine can be used with whey protein.

CreGAAtine does not contain substances that are prohibited in sports. CreGAAtine has Informed Sports and WADA anti-doping certificates.

It doesn’t matter, CreGAAtine can be taken either before or after training, whichever is easier for you.

One bag of CreGAAtin contains 1g of creatine monohydrate and 1g of GAA (guanidinoacetic acid).

Supplement of the Year
Selected by the user

In just 6 months from the launch of the product, CreGAAtine won the award - "Supplement of the year" as chosen by users, at the largest fitness fair in Central and Eastern Europe - FIWE, in Poland.

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